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Marketing & CRM solutions

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Visitors - Leads - Prospects - Opportunities - Customers - Cases


  • Website Builder

    • Drag and Drop building blocks
    • What you type is what you see
    • Blog posts and social media CTA
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  • SEO and Analytics

    • Keywords suggestion
    • Campaign and source tag
    • Improve marketing strategy
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  • Auto Leads Generation

    • Leads from website CTA
    • Leads from Email
    • Leads from Live Chat
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  • Social Leads Generation

    • Leads from Facebook campaign
    • Leads from other social media CTA
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  • Leads Nurturing

    • Set up meetings, calls and emails.
    • Log notes and feedback
    • Track history and future schedule
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  • Email Marketing

    • Design and customize email templates
    • Mass Mailing with targeting segment
    • Real-time stats of recipients behavior
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  • CRM

    • Manage pipeline from lead to close
    • Track end-to-end sales activities
    • Customize and share reports flexibly
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  • Sales Management

    • Online quotations builder from proposal to eSign
    • Pricelist and discounts customization
    • Manage Orders and Contracts
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  • Project Management

    • Kanban view and Agile project management
    • Timesheet for workload management
    • Analyze and oversee individual tasks
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  • OneChat

    • Share notes and attach files seamlessly
    • Stay connected to the team
    • Efficient customer support
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Responsive Business Value Chain (RBVCtm)

Your future-proof all-in-one operations platform

Responsive Platform

Whether you need an intuitive consumer-grade web interface or a high-productivity form or workflow, our platform can be easily customized to match your requirements in two levels. First, end users can use drag & drop to change many aspects of the UI and business workflow. In addition, with minimal coding to deliver specialized business requirements via desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We offer outsourcing service with an experienced and cost-effective team.

Collaborative Workforce

A purposely designed OneChat connects all app modules into one integrated application suite, establishing a common workflow and organizing conversations into enterprise-wide streams where employees can share key screens, data, attachments, and documents. By marrying business processes to employee communications, OXNE's collaboration capabilities allow you to contextualize intelligence, make single sign-on a default, and increase efficiency by enabling employees to work smarter and faster.

Process Integration

Easily integrate both OXONE and third-party software applications with OXONE’s purpose-build API gateway solution for API management and process orchestration. . By providing a simple but powerful and scalable framework, OXONE allows you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of OXONE are designed to maximize human potential by reducing the burden of repetitive administrative tasks and giving employees more time to do work that matters. With a Chatbot design, the AI capabilities of OXONE can automate tasks and draw data from across your enterprise systems to deliver insights both on-demand and proactively based on continual analysis and learning. This feature usually demands a deep customization based on your special business verticals.


We offer IT as a Service to help you migration your IT closet to the cloud. With our service, all you need to keep in your IT closet is one security compliances, and our experienced team deliver secure IT as a full service. Our promise is to do a better job with only 50% of the cost of your existing IT staffing and expenses.

Ready to Talk?

IF you are interested in any the above features of RBOA, or have specific needs in your industry, we will be happy to hear from you. We will be happy to prepare a specialized demo based on your specific needs to show you how easily we can build on top of our full stack solution. Contact us now so that we can get the ball rolling!
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