Leads Nurturing

Sales reps can engage with each leads in CRM app by secluding individual meeting, call or email, and logging notes and feedback as needed.


1.Click on any of the items in leads page.

2.Click on "Edit" button to update details info of this lead.

3.Under the lead card, there are three buttons

a."Send message" - send direct message and attach file to lead as an email, the history will recorded as a history under the list after you click "Send".

b."Log note" - log notes for your internal purpose.

c."Schedule activity" - scheduling one or multiple activities for this lead, and when you finish one, "Mark Done" and log feedback.

4.You can also add or modify followers of this lead nurturing process and track the history by using the two buttons to the right of the "Schedule activity" button.

5.After done nurturing, you can click on "Convert to Opportunity" button to change leads to opportunities in the CRM.

All history and upcoming activities is tracked below each of the leads contact info for your reference.

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