Integrating your CMS and E-Commerce

Building your company's website and selling your products online easy.

New Features Launched

To add to an already comprehensive set of Odoo features, a website content management system (CMS or WMS) has been developed and a beta release is available from today, 31st January 2014.

Odoo claims to be 'the Open Source software that makes building your company's website and selling your products online easy'. So how true is this statement?

"Odoo's latest launch will allow a business to go from zero to trading online quicker than ever before,” Stuart Mackintosh, MD of Open Source specialist and Odoo integration partner, OpusVL, explains. “The investment required to have a fully automated business system is dramatically reduced, enabling the small and medium enterprise to compete at a level of functionality and performance previously reserved for the big IT investors."

"Finally, the leading edge is being brought to the masses. It will now be the turn of the big players to catch up to the superior technologies of the SME."

"This is another clever and highly disruptive move by Odoo,which will force other technology providers to take another look at the value they are providing to ensure that their 'solutions' can still compete."

"Odoo now competes on many fronts, with no real competition out there to knock them off the top spot. With the launch of their integrated CMS and Ecommerce systems,it only elevates their position as one of the leading lights in the open source revolution. It will be at least 5 years before another ERP or CMS provider will be able to compete at this level due to the technology currently employed by most industry providers."

Adding to industry leading technology

Like many modern website editors, with Odoo you can edit content in-line, enabling you to see exactly what you are changing and ensure your changes suit the context.

However, unlike other web content management systems, it fully integrates into the back-end database. This means that when you edit a product description, image or price, it updates the product database in real time, providing a true self-service window into the business.

This provides a single source of data for your company and removes the need to create offline synchronisation between website and product database.

As it comes, there is a default website based on Bootstrap 3, the latest industry standard for rapid development of multi-device websites backed by Twitter, so can be directly integrated with many web tools and works across all devices by default.